In addition to control panel fabrication, CCI can provide additional services to help make your project successful.  These services range from field engraved nameplates, motor control center modifications, cable assemblies and field installation services.

Legend Plates -When you need additional tags for the field, think of CCI to assist.  We offer custom engraved nameplates in various materials that will hold up to a wide range of environmental conditions, from phenolic (Lamicoid), to brass or even stainless steel legend plates.  See Custom Engraving for additional detail.

Motor Control Center (MCC) Modifications – When project schedules are tight or you just need a simple modification to an MCC, why wait weeks for the factory to do it?  Let CCI make the necessary modifications to keep your project on schedule.  From simple contact adds, to PLC additions, CCI can provide a wide range of modifications.  Call for addition details and lead time.

Cable Assemblies – At times, interconnect cables are required for field installation.  Whether they are power cables or for control, CCI has the experience with both solder and crimp style connectors assembles.  Let CCI assist with your overall project needs.

Field Services – When the control systems leave our facility, they are in showroom condition and ready for field installations.   Most job site contractors don’t have the experience or finesse of wiring control panels and maintaining the showroom condition.  Let CCI assist with final panel terminations once all field wires are pulled into the panels.  In addition, CCI technicians can assist with panel retrofits.  Whether it’s swapping out complete subpanels or outdated components, CCI has the experience with handling field retrofits that may or may not be completely documented.   

Contact us for your service requirements.  Located in Columbus, Ohio, we proudly serve customers throughout the Midwest and around the world.